Volunteers are an essential part of Hower House operations.

Volunteering is an enjoyable and satisfying experience. There are lots of opportunities for volunteers to get involved with Hower House.

To find out more information about volunteering, contact Hower House at 330-972-6909.

Why become a Victorian of Hower House?

  1. To assist in the preservation and promotion of this fine cultural attraction.
  2. To help preserve a window into Akron’s past.
  3. To participate in the activities and events of Hower House.
  4. To support the staff, promotion and operation of the House.
  5. A minimal portion ($10) of your Victorians’ membership dues goes to support the Friends of Hower House.

To become a member of the Victorians of Hower House, click here to access a pdf files detailing the membership levels.

The committee description file details ways to become involved at Hower House. Both files can be printed by your computer printer.